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What is Nowadays?

Nowadays is an online publication produced by students, for students. Launched in Edinburgh in 2019, Nowadays serves as a platform for student writers to join the discussion on any contemporary issue – no matter how contentious.

Reasonable debate and discussion has been overlooked in place of angry twitter rants and name calling. Our vision for Nowadays is to provide a truly impartial platform. A platform open to all voices and opinions that promotes open discourse in an industry that chooses sides


Join the Discussion

Nowadays offers students a rare opportunity to produce high quality journalism, even if they have never been published before. We understand how difficult it is to break into the student journalism scene, with many popular publications suffocating their writers with ‘click-bait’ articles, forty-eight hour deadlines and overbearing editors. At Nowadays, an editor will never allocate an article or set you a deadline. We trust our writers to come up with their own ideas, set their own deadlines and we never allow our editors to infringe on the ideas of the writer.

If you’d like to write for us, all you need to do is send an outline of your proposed idea, along with some samples of your writing if you have any. We care about the story you have to tell more than any experience you may or may not have, so don’t be put off if you haven’t been published before. We are open to pitches from all students, regardless of their university or discipline.

We are open to pitches from all students, regardless of their university or discipline. Signing up is quick and easy, just fill out your details and upload a sample article here


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