Are Compulsory Sexual Consent Tests The Way Forward?

Students at the University of Warwick have been protesting negligence in relation to sexual assault allegations. Off the back of these protests and a BBC Radio 5 discussion, Catherine Upex discusses proposed measures to improve consent education and reduce the occurence of sexual violence.

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Is There a Place for Us After Graduation?

The hardest part of a job is not the job itself, but the process of getting it. As I am still searching for ‘my dream job,’ I find myself on a rollercoaster. I search for entry-level jobs, only to find that they require 1-2 years experience. How can recent graduates gain experience if you don’t give them a chance?

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The Tuition Fee Farce

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but when I hear about how my parents’ generation got to study at university for free, I can’t help but think, “why has that changed?” Why does the opportunity for young people to study a topic of their choice with the ambition to pursue a career now come at the cost of thousands and thousands of pounds.

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