COVID-19 and the “Great Reset”

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed ‘The Great Reset’ proposal. It centres around sustainable economic growth by investing in mutual progression and environmental initiatives. It was unveiled in May by Prince Charles and WEF director Klaus Schwab. 

Upon first glance this proposal makes sense, move capitalism away from fossil fuels and an increasing wealth gap, to ‘Green New Deals’ and the removal of trickle-down economics. The WEF states that the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to mould economic recovery alongside improved global relations and priorities. Prince Charles stated that the economic recovery must put the world on a path to sustainability, with policies and systems designed to help not hinder those ‘less-off’.

It has been stated that the private sector will be the main drivers of the plan, with opportunities to make the market fairer, investing in mutual progress and start a fourth industrial revolution centred around digital economics and public infrastructure. Klaus Schwab stated that this is not a change in the capitalist system but rather an improvement to ‘responsible capitalism’. 

Politicians such as Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, US President-elect Joe Biden and the UK PM Boris Johnson have all endorsed these proposals by launching their own ‘Green New Deals’ with the belief that we can “build back better” in the years and decades following.  

However, following these announcements a conspiracy theory has risen up from the fringes stating that this is an attempt by ‘The New World Order’ to take control in a 1984-type scenario. They believe that the pandemic was planned and that it was orchestrated by the ‘Global Elites’ to install a Marxist-totalitarian regime and by extension through the vaccine tomake us subservient to their will. In some variations it is stated that Donald Trump is the only leader keeping this scheme from happening. This follows the basics of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory, whereby Donald Trump is ‘Q’, and he is going to expose the Democratic Party in American as being a ‘child molestation ring’. 

‘The Great Reset Conspiracy Theory’ lacks sufficient and reliable evidence, firstly the WEF lacks authority to tell countries what to do, the belief that politicians planned the pandemic is dumbfounded considering that we known it came from a wet food market in China. There are many variations of this conspiracy theory; some hold Donald Trump as this ‘beacon of truth’, others state that the BLM and XR groupsstarted the pandemic and several groups believe that Joe Biden has formed a secret cabal with China to ‘destroy capitalism’. 

The sad reality is that during this pandemic conspiracy theories have exploded, at least half of the UK population believe in some form of conspiracy theory, while 17% believe that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon and 8% believing that 5G technology is responsible for the current pandemic. All of these beliefs ultimately accumulate to this ‘Great Reset’ where liberty is non-existent, and we become robots for the regime. The simple truth is that it is complete nonsense and shadows the Great Barrington Declaration which offers false hope and insufficient evidence against the current consensus. The WEF wanted publicity for their proposals but not in the current form. 

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