Will Disney+ Star Guide The Way To A New Streaming and TV Age?

Alice predicts the dominance of Disney+ Star over other streaming platforms as it introduces new extended content.

We’ve all heard of Disney+, the newest streaming site to hit our screens.

Its first anniversary is celebrated later this month, and it is already a serious rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Not only did the streaming service launch with a large range of original films, series and shorts, viewers also had immediate access to Fox, National Geographic, Pixar, Marvel and Star-Wars, thanks to Disney’s intellectual properties.

In the year of the pandemic, Disney tried to imitate the cinematic experience by giving viewers exclusive access to films, such as Mulan, to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. The media giant continues to grow, with the introduction of Disney+ Star last month.

This new addition extends the service from strictly family friendly content to now include adult content, bringing it in line with other streaming sites. Disney+ Star has access to shows from ABC Signature, 20th Television, FX, Freeform, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, and Hollywood Pictures. These new properties bring exclusive additions to the streaming site, encouraging more people to subscribe to Disney+.

There are, however, huge implications resulting from Disney’s new move, with Netflix set to lose a lot of content resulting from the non-renewal of their contract in 2020. Disney is now in the position to pull its shows from the streaming site; series such as How I met Your Mother, and Once Upon A Time, once exclusive to Netflix, will also now appear on Disney+, devaluing Netflix’s claim and impacting on viewing figures.

Disney’s expansion makes content for viewers more accessible than ever, increasing the opportunity for binge viewing. With years of back catalogue programmes being released all at once, there are no obstacles to people watching series within an incredibly short amount of time. Of course, this is happening during the pandemic, when people have more time on their hands, making this an extremely smart move from Disney.

The business’ impact on streaming sites overall is undeniable but the overall impact on TV providers is greater still. Brands such as Sky offer different price packages per month, increasing the price if viewers want access to other deals like sports and movies – whilst Disney+ is only £7.99 a month. No TV licence is necessary to access this streaming site, as is needed with Sky, Virgin etc. – so this appeals a lot more to students and young adults, who don’t see any value in paying an additional fee.

Are Disney+ dominating the streaming sites?

In my opinion, absolutely. Their large number of new shows, incredible back catalogue, and original films puts the service leagues ahead of Netflix’s content, satisfying the demand of viewers during the pandemic: something new, unique, and attention grabbing.

Not only is this company dominating streaming, but it is also greatly affecting traditional TV viewing such as satellite and cable – such a service makes it more accessible for everyone to watch the shows they love.

Alice predicts the dominance of Disney+ Star over other streaming platforms as it introduces new extended content.